IU Gives The Best Answer To A Reporter’s Question About ASTRO’s Moonbin And Deaths In The Industry

She has witnessed many deaths in the industry.

IU is currently promoting her new movie, Dream. As she made her rounds through press conferences and interviews, it was inevitable that she was asked about her thoughts on the recent tragic death of ASTRO‘s Moonbin. As a veteran in the industry, IU has particularly seen three of her closest friends fall victim to the industry’s difficulties.

Although the question by the reporter could have been seen as untactful, IU answered the question smartly and gave the best advice to other young stars struggling.

As I have been working as a singer since my teens, I have personally seen why my colleagues were having it hard, and why their hearts were hurt, why they crumpled in on themselves. The job of a singer is one where it is hard for you to separate your persona and your job. Because you have to show yourself to the public in every single moment, it gets harder to separate the self that others see and the self that you yourself see. So it is even more important for you to create your own space where you can let yourself go. Although vocational ethics are important, I hope you do not see yourself only as someone with a job, so much so that you cannot breathe.

— IU

As an idol, one has no choice but to keep up a certain image to live up to certain expectations. If a young star is unable to smartly navigate the difference between their job and their persona, it would be easy for them to crumble. With this advice, hopefully, we will not lose more stars to the perils of the industry.

Source: Sports Seoul


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