BTS’s J-Hope And IU Have One Thing In Common That People Either Love…Or Hate With A Passion

Which team are you on?

BTS‘s J-Hope recently guested on IU‘s YouTube talk show, IU’s Palette, to discuss his new solo album and more. Since its release, Jack in the Box has become the talk of the town, earning praise from fans and critics alike.

IU (left) and BTS’s J-Hope (right).

To prepare for the interview, IU asked people who know J-Hope well to tell her what kind of person he is. She also compiled a list of things that they have in common.

IU and J-Hope both have special memories of the first generation K-Pop group g.o.d, they both dislike water, and they have the same reaction to drinking alcohol.

They also both love what many people despise: mint chocolate. This divisive flavor has sparked hilarious debates between K-Pop idols. BTS’s RM, for instance, compared mint chocolate milk to drinking mouthwash…

…and TXT‘s Beomgyu called mint chocolate ice cream “frozen toothpaste.”

In reply, mint-choco enthusiast Yeonjun said, “You’re breaking my heart.” (Please, don’t yuck his yum!)

IU and J-Hope are both firmly Team Mint-Choco, but they have different ways of enjoying it.

J-Hope said he isn’t picky, but IU only likes cold mint chocolate things, like ice cream. Mint chocolate bread? No thanks.

For more, find out how IU flustered J-Hope, or watch the whole episode here.