IU Reacts To BTS RM Teasing Fans Before “Eight’s” Release Day

She wasn’t expecting RM to sing an almost-spoiler.

ARMYs aren’t the only ones tuning into 06.13 FM!

On May 12, 1theK Originals dropped a new episode of Look Me Up on YouTube, featuring IU. It, IU shared stories, reacted to fan posts, and listened to part of BTS‘s audio-only broadcast, “DJ Suga‘s Honey FM 06.13 with RM“.

The broadcast aired on May 2, four days before IU’s collaboration with Suga, “Eight”, dropped on May 6. Having heard “Eight” ahead of its release, RM couldn’t help teasing fans. “I’ve listened to it before,” he said.

IU listened closely to the recording, not expecting RM to suddenly screech-sing, “You envy me, huh? I’ve already listened to it.”

For a second, IU thought RM was singing her song!

Fans are loving IU’s reaction to RM just being RM. It’s priceless!

Watch the full video here: