IU Covered BTS’s “Spring Day”, And It’s Everything We’ve Dreamed Of

She covered this smash hit and more for fans.

“Spring Day” is the reigning queen of BTS‘s discography, so who better to cover it than a queen of K-Pop?

Ever since “Spring Day” dropped in 2016, it has been topping charts, breaking records, kicking ass, and taking names.

No matter how amazing BTS’s new music is (and it’s always amazing), “Spring Day” refuses to hand down the crown!

Naturally, this song has been covered by hundreds of talented singers, but the cover that BTS x IU enthusiasts have been waiting for is finally here. On June 26, IU performed a short cover of “Spring Day” on [IU’s Homebody signal] IU’s Sloppy Live. 

“And then there were others songs,” IU said, while selecting music from her phone. After singing several tracks, she chose “Spring Day” based on her own personal preference. “There was ‘Spring Day’ by BTS, but I really like this song, personally.”  

IU’s airy yet poignant voice suited the song perfectly. It’s a match made in heaven!

Watch the full show here: