IU’s Child Counterpart In “Hotel Del Luna” Is Growing Up To Look Just Like Her

She played IU’s child counterpart two times!

IU has another doppelgänger and this time, it is a 13 year old child actress!

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

Child actress Kim Gyu Ri has been garnering some serious attention for her similar visuals to the “Palette” singer and we can see why. While the 13 year old has quite a large online presence on her social media, she made her first on-screen debut at the young age of 10 years old in My Mister. She boasts an impressive list of productions already with Hotel Del Luna, Pegasus Market, Do Do Sol Sol La Sol and My Mister under her belt.

| @gyu_ri_kim9/Instagram

She may only have four dramas on her resume, but she has played IU’s child counterpart not once, but two times in two different dramas. That’s half of her productions! She first portrayed the child version of IU as child Lee Ji An in the tvN drama My Mister. While she gained some attention then, she truly started to get noticed after appearing in Hotel Del Luna as IU’s child counterpart, playing a young Jang Man Wol.

Kim Gyu Ri in “My Mister” | tvN

The two may have a 13 year difference between them, but the resemblance truly is uncanny. With their innocent image, big doe eyes, similar lip and face shapes, it is no wonder netizens went crazy over their resemblance. The similarities are hard to ignore!

| @gyu_ri_kim9/Instagram

Their similarities don’t end there as Kim Gyu Ri also looks like IU when she was a child! This shouldn’t come as a surprise since IU is known to be a natural beauty so it’s no wonder Kim Gyu Ri looks just like her back then as well.

(Left) Kim Gyu Ri, Young IU (right)

Honestly, we don’t know who to be more jealous of! All we know is that Kim Gyu Ri definitely has a bright future ahead of her and we can’t wait to see her future projects.


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