IU Commemorates The Sewol Ferry Accident In A Special Way

No one else would have thought of this!

IU is known as an angel to her fans and this time was no exception. In her usual subtle way, she posted on her Instagram a cute photo of her nails. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that on her third nail was a familiar blue ribbon.

The blue ribbon is known as a way to commemorate those that passed on in the tragic Sewol Ferry accident. The accident occurred in April 2014, where many young students passed on in an accident at sea. Since then, many have taken time in April to renew their condolences for the tragedy. Although IU’s commemoration comes in September, many have praised her for her attention to the matter.

Previously, IU had also donated generously to the cause during the time of accident. Her song, “Dear Name”, is also widely known as a song dedicated to those who passed on in the accident.