IU Is A Concerned Mom During Crush’s “Palette” Visit

She couldn’t help but worry about him!

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This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

IU couldn’t stop mothering Crush!


Crush recently made his first comeback in two years after being discharged in August. He released “Rush Hour,” featuring BTS‘s J-Hope and went on IU’s Palette to promote.

During the episode, they talked about their differences. For example, IU is an organized planner, while Crush tends to be spontaneous.

So, Crush was curious if IU plans all her meals for the day. She laughed, “I plan at least till the day after tomorrow.” Alternatively, Crush said that he would scroll through delivery apps for so long, unsure of what he wants to eat, until he finally doesn’t eat at all.

Crush: You know the delivery app, right?

IU: Yes.

Crush: I look through it for an hour and fail to decide what to eat.

IU: I know people like that! I know people like that!

Crush: I just keep looking through it… ‘Whoa, I want to eat this and that too. What should I do?’ And I fail to eat.

IU couldn’t believe their differences. She explained that she always eats at fixed times, no matter what.

IU: Really?

Crush: Yes.

IU: Wow, that’s seriously so distant from my type. Yes. Because I have a fixed time to eat food. These days, I have to keep that strictly to increase the quality of life.

Seeing as IU is so organized, Crush sought advice from her. He confessed that he struggles to eat at regular times and actually wants to receive counseling for the issue.

Crush: Aha! I really wanted to get counseling for this…

IU: Okay.

Crush: I was always like this. From one point, I don’t eat. The reason why I don’t eat is because eating itself is so bothersome. I thought that was very exhausting. Also, so that way I’m awake when I’m working. Of course, I have no appetite.

IU: I could see that!

IU expressed concern for Crush’s condition, realizing he is always skinnier when he is busy working.

IU: I heard you tend to be that way. You’re completely skinny when you work.

Crush: Yes.

IU: You lose weight.

Crush: I’m almost skin and bones.

IU: I know. As a 3rd person, watching you from a distance when you’re not promoting, you can be having an organized life.

Crush: The circumstances are…

IU: But you lost so much weight from the face of Crush I know.

Crush also revealed that he has been getting sick when he eats. He sometimes even suffers from panic attacks.

Crush: You know, I get sick when I eat.

IU: Really?

Crush: When I eat… Weirdly, when I eat I keep getting panic attacks.

IU: You panic?

Crush: Yes. So, I want to fix this.

Crush continued to make confessions. He told IU that in the mornings, he just takes care of his dogs rather than prepare himself any breakfast. Naturally, IU was upset to hear that he doesn’t prioritize his health.

Crush: Since I have my dogs, when I wake up in the morning, I don’t eat breakfast.

IU: You just take care of your dogs.

Crush: Yes.

IU: No, you should take care of yourself!

Crush: I know.

IU: You really shouldn’t do that.

IU asked Crush when he finally eats, to which he admitted that it was late at night. He explained that he finally feels relaxed enough after working that he can stomach it.

Crush: But you know… For example, I haven’t eaten for the whole day, and when I’m done working…

IU: Do you go on a binge?

Crush: Yes.

IU: At night, you really should fix that.

Crush: I know.

IU: You should.

Crush: Because I’m done working, so I’m relaxed. I get hungry at last.

IU was empathetic toward Crush’s situation. Still, she emphasized the importance of eating regularly and at proper times rather than right before bed so you can allow your organs to rest.

IU: I get it. I do. I understand. To prevent that from happening, I eat on the right time no matter what even if I don’t want to eat because it’s early in the morning when we get home after work. It’s like midnight or 1 AM. How will you digest food if you eat then? That will be no help to get a sound sleep.

Crush: No help, you’re right.

IU: Your organs need to rest. So, you have to force yourself to eat even if you don’t want to. I don’t think it’s a matter of appetite.

Seeing IU as a source of wisdom and counsel, Crush continued to ask her questions regarding health…

Crush: I have another question. If you eat on the right time, do you sleep late or early?

IU: I tend to sleep late.

Crush: What sort of exercises do you do?

This sparked IU to ask Crush if he gets regular health checkups. He hesitated to answer, causing her to realize that he doesn’t. She immediately went into mom mode, emphasizing the importance of getting checkups!

IU: As someone who had the same experience, do you get a regular health checkup?

Crush: Um…

IU: Oh dear, you don’t get a health checkup?

Crush: I’m sorry, mom…

IU: No. Crush! You didn’t get a health checkup this year? We’re in our 30s now. Health checkup… It’s nothing to just skip. Crush, you really have to go get it.

IU had Crush promise her 8 million subscribers that he would get a checkup. After, he will also send proof!

Crush: All right. I’ll show you a proof shot after I get a health checkup.

IU: Please sent it to Palette. Promise with our 8 million subscribers here.

Crush: Promise!

IU: You really must.

Later in the episode, Crush bowed for the fourth time, expressing his gratitude towards IU, BTS’s J-Hope, and their fandoms. She couldn’t help but notice that every time he knelt, his knees made noise, causing her to worry.

IU: Seems like you have bad knees. I can hear crunching sound whenever you bow.

Crush: My knees make noises whenever I sit down.

IU: It was so loud and I got anxious.

Crush tried to reassure IU that he was okay. However, she wasn’t convinced. So, she went on a 20-minute speech about knee cartilage.

Crush: My knees are fine.

IU: You never know.

Crush: No?

IU is so caring! She can’t help but mother even those her age.

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