IU Revealed To Have Recorded A Total Of 60 Songs In 14 Hours For Her Upcoming Mini Concert

She made some of the staff cry.

IU is set to have a mini concert as part of a special episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, airing on the 18th of September. The concert, due to recent social distancing regulations, has been pre-recorded already, on the 15th of September.

It has since been reported by various media outlets that IU had attended the recording at the KBS New Public Hall located in Yeouido, Seoul. She recorded from between 9am to 11pm KST, making it a total of 14 long hours.

It was reported that the mini concert was specially catered to feature IU as the sole guest, explaining the exclusivity in recording. She showed off a professional attitude despite the tough hours, recording a whopping total of 60 songs!

Apparently IU had prepared 13 songs for the mini concert, but including all the runs for technical rehearsals, dry rehearsals, camera runs and the final recordings, she sung a total of 60 times. It has reported that she sung the song to the end each and every time and gave her best. Some of the staff even cried out of being so touched by her sincerity.

| EDAM Entertainment

Fans can look forward to the concert as IU had sung her hit track, “Good Day”, with the iconic 3-level high note, something she does rarely due to the strain it puts on her vocal cords. Other featured songs include “BBIBBI”, “Blueming” and “eight”.

The special episode celebrates IU’s 12th anniversary in the industry and will air on KBS on the 18th of September. Tune in to give your ears a treat!


Source: theqoo


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