Netizen Claims IU’s Donations Are Suspicious, ChildFund Korea Responds

“There are no elementary schools in the affected area…”

IU, who recently donated 100M KRW ($87,655 USD) to the victims of the Sokcho fire through ChildFund Korea, has been receiving unreasonable suspicions.

One netizen shared a post titled “IU’s suspicious donations” and claimed that IU’s donation to ChildFund Korea was suspicious.

The area that was affected by the wildfire is a secluded area so there are no elementary schools. There are only elderly farmers and retired people who are living in country houses. Even on the news, only the elderly come out and cry.

ㅡ Netizen


They argued that it was difficult to understand why IU, who has previously made numerous donations to the organization, would choose to donate to a child fund charity in a circumstance such as the Sokcho wildfire.

The key point of restoring the wildfire damage is relief such as 1. temporary residence 2. housing restoration 3. compensation 4. food/daily necessities/medial support. That’s why T-ARA donated daily necessities and other celebrities donated to related organizations. Why is IU donating to a child charity? And if it was only this time, fine. But she only donates to this charity so it seems suspicious.

ㅡ Netizen


Numerous netizens attacked the poster for the accusations they made against IU, who simply made a kind gesture towards the crisis.


Moreover, ChildFund Korea also uploaded a comment explaining the situation themselves.

Hello, this is ChildFund Korea.

Due to concerns that the intentions of our sponsor’s kind donation could be distorted, we would like to clarify the facts.

ㅡ ChildFund Korea


The organization proceeded to explain that there were 4 families that are supported by ChildFund Korea affected by the Sokcho fire in addition to numerous other families who were ordered an emergency evacuation. Moreover, they clarified that IU was a sponsor for ChildFund Korea, but was also sponsoring numerous other charities as well.

They concluded by asking everyone for their support and encouragement to help the victims and children of the Sokcho fire could overcome this difficult situation and reiterated that ChildFund Korea puts children first.

Source: Pann Nate and Kookmin Ilbo