IU Recreates A 2021 Version Of Her Hit OST “My Dream Patissiere” 11 Years Later

The song has become a TikTok challenge.

Back in 2010, a hit anime and manga, Yumeiro Patissiere was taking over South Korea. About an innocent and clumsy 14 year old, Ichigo, she dreams of becoming a professional pâtissière!

The anime was such a huge hit in Korea that IU.even sung an exclusive OST for it in Korean. Her sweet voice and cute image suited the song well.

Suddenly, in 2021, the song’s OST became part of a viral TikTok challenge in South Korea. A group of students had come up with an adorable choreography and soon many idols began to participate in it. Here’s THE BOYZ taking up the challenge.

As a special treat to fans in celebration of her YouTube channel hitting 7 million subscribers, IU decided to make a 2021 rendition of her hit song. Of course, because she known for her sweet vocals, she didn’t stop at simply recreating the dance.

She hired a full band and backup vocalists to remake the tune with her!

Her sincerity and dedication always impresses us.

She even had backup dancers for the dance portion!

IU danced to the 2021 rendition of her famous OST. This is a flex that only the original singer, IU, can pull off!

Make sure you check out the full clip below for a taste of her sweetness.