IU Faces Criticism For Favoring International Fans Over Korean After Showing Support For Taiwanese Fans

She recently was criticized for not responding to Korean fans.

IU has recently been criticized by Korean fans for turning a blind eye to the plight that many local fans had to go through during ticketing and entry of her H.E.R stop in Seoul. Although she did not respond to the multiple allegations of unfair stringent screening that fans experienced, her other responses to international fans made locals feel neglected. They accused her of only responding to international fans while ignoring Koreans.

Fans Call IU To Step Up Amidst EDAM Entertainment’s Ticketing Fiasco

On April 6, 2024, she held the Taipei leg of her tour. It was reported that she recorded a special message to be played at the end of her concert. Subbed in English, Korean, and Chinese, the message comforted the audience regarding the recent earthquake in Taiwan. It was said that she expressed her “deep condolences and love for the survivors and those affected by the Hua Lian earthquake, and sends her gratitude and support to those working to help recover the losses.”

While many Taiwanese UAENAs were thankful, the news only brought about criticism by Korean netizens. Although they felt deeply sorry for the Taiwanese and expressed their condolences as well, a portion also flamed IU for her indifference towards local fans. Others also defended IU for her actions.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • The malicious commenters are acting up now that they’ve something to pile on.
  • Ugh, the media play.
  • She shuts up about the Korean fans who were affected, making me feel like such articles popping up have motives behind it.
  • IU is good at reacting to fans and communicating with them. But it’s better not to media play about loving her fans when she’s keeping silent about the whole ticket verification thing.
  • Those sick in the head don’t realize it.
  • Why isn’t she refunding the fans?
  • Wow, as expected of IU who loves her fans.

On the other hand, many claim that both are two separate instances, pleading with other netizens to be rational and emphathetic.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • People are taking the chance to hate again.
  • This is this, and that is that. Ugh, the fact that people are dragging it up here.
  • Don’t sh*t on a good post.
  • I’m not a fan of the whole ticketing thing either, but it’s not right to talk about it here.
  • I saw the situation of the earthquake. Tall buildings collapsed and people even died (apparently 1000), so of course she can convey such a message during her performance there. If you want to write mocking comments unrelated to the main post, then you can just make a new post, can’t you?
  • This isn’t about loving her fans, but something that definitely should be done. She shouldn’t be criticized for it… But I also know that if people stop bringing it up so as not to ruin the vibes, it will slowly be forgotten, and that’s what they want.
  • When I see such posts, I also think, what about the Korean fans…

You can read more about the initial allegations against IU below.

Accusations Of More Fans Being Denied Entry To IU’s Concert Resurface Amidst Current Controversy

Source: theqoo


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