Fan Reached Out To IU About Life’s Struggles, IU Responded With A Surprising Response

IU and her fandom have an unbreakable bond!

A fan of IU posted on the official fan cafe that she’ll be facing a difficult year, now that she’s entered her senior year of high school.

iu fancafe comment 012

IU immediately responded with a heartwarming comment, asking the other fans in her fandom to cheer the fan on!

iu fancafe comment 12

And the OP fan was showered with the support of other Uaenas!

iu fancafe comment 1


The heartwarming bond between IU and her fandom is well known throughout the industry! IU’s always made it her priority to respond to her fans and create a community that helps and supports each other at all times!

iu fancafe response 2

One fan once thanked IU for posting a photo of her gift to Instagram.

iu fancafe comment 021


IU responded with her most sincere gratitude and asked her fans to clap for the OP too!

iu fancafe comment 02

And of course, the fandom was right there and ready to shower the OP with love!

iu fancafe comment 2 copy

An angel with a fandom full of angels!

iu fancafe response 1

Source: Nate Pann
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