“Best-Dressed” Fan At IU’s Concert Goes Viral For Their Dedication To Their Costume

They got to go on stage!

IU recently held her 15th anniversary fan concert, 2023 IU Fan Concert: I+UN1VER5E on September 23 and 24, 2023. As a special event for fans, she held a “Best-Dressed” contest on each day. The winner would get to join her on stage for a serenade.

The best-dressed fan on 23 September was a longtime fan who decided to emulate Tweety. Fans have been comparing IU to Tweety for a long time. When IU wore a furry yellow top on the cover of ELLE, it reminded fans of the beloved cartoon character.

The fan went all out, covering up their hair with a swimming cap and painting their face.

A close-up of their makeup. | @iu_right/Twitter

The fan was invited on stage, amusing everyone with their costume.

| @summerwoonse/Twitter

They even carried a Tweety bag and wore slippers that looked like webbed feet.

| @caratpetal/Twitter

As IU held their hand, even she was amazed at the fan’s dedication. IU lamented to the fan, asking them “why they went to that extent.” Her comment drew warm laughter from the audience.

The funniest part was how IU had to hold her laughter in as she serenaded the fan. Of all songs, she had chosen a touching ballad!

She completely did not expect this when she organized up the contest. Before she began the serenade, she worried if she would be able to pull off the serious song in front of Tweety.

When I first suggested this, I kind of expected a more…beauti— I’m not saying you’re not beautiful, you’re really beautiful, but… Everyone, even you guys acknowledge this right? The MyChew costume (previous winner) was really ordinary. I have nothing to give Tweety, so I’m giving them my heart. I might not be able to look them in the eyes, so maybe their philtrum? But this is a present that I’m giving to one person, so I’m going to try to look them in the eye… But they have four eyes? No, but you have to look at me, and take in everything for it to be meaningful. I’ll handle it, so you can just treat this comfortably and enjoy it.

— IU

As much as IU gifted the fan with the best present ever, she also received an unforgettable experience from her fan!