IU Makes A Little Girl Cry By Walking Out Of An Interview, But It Was All A Hidden Prank

Could this be the most wholesome interaction ever?

YouTube channel ODG is back with new content and this time, they made a little girl cry.

Kim Minseo, who is not only a child actress but also a fixed cast of their YouTube channel was brought in for this special segment. The producer of the ODG channel told Minseo that she would be filming something different due to her famous inability to recognize celebrities.

“You know how you don’t recognize celebrities?” | ODG/YouTube

Minseo is a part of a series where she meets celebrities and discusses their career. Due to her young age, however, she oftentimes does not recognize any of the featured artists. This has been misconstrued as acting, with many viewers accusing the child of pretending not to know.

“You’ve been accused of acting several times.” | ODG/YouTube

To play up the misconstruction, the producers told Minseo that for the filming of the day, she would pretend that she did not know the celebrity in front of her. They encouraged her doubts, saying that she can do it since she’s an actress.

“We believe in you since you’re a child actress.” | ODG/YouTube

What Minseo didn’t realize, however, was that the entire show was a hidden prank on her. The featured guest for the day would be none other than IU, who Minseo happened to be a big fan of. When she was previously asked about her favorite celebrity, Minseo quickly responded that it was the “LILAC” singer.

“Who is your favorite celebrity? IU is.” | ODG/YouTube

The producers instructed Minseo to close her eyes to begin filming for the show. When she was told that she could open them, she saw her favorite star in front of her.

IU, who was in on the prank asked Minseo if she happened to know who she was.

“Do you know who I am?” | ODG/YouTube

To which, Minseo showed her professionalism despite her young age. She responded to her favorite celebrity that she did not know who she was.

“Sorry, I don’t…” | ODG/YouTube

IU continued to play along with the prank by asking Minseo if she had ever seen her before.

“You’ve never seen me before?” | ODG/YouTube

When Minseo responded that she hadn’t, IU shocked Minseo by revealing that she had to leave if that were the case.

The producers of the show told me that if you said you didn’t know who I was, the show would just end.

— IU

Maintaining her posture and professionalism, Minseo responded that she understood and watched her favorite celebrity leave.

The 11-year-old sat there in complete disbelief and shock.

However, the cruelty didn’t last long because once the prank was finished, IU returned to sit with Minseo once again. The “Eight” singer admitted that she was in on the prank and that she also knew that Minseo was a fan.

“I heard you’re my fan?” | ODG/YouTube

When Minseo showed off her love, IU complimented her on her acting abilities since she had to pretend like she didn’t know who she was.

“You are very good at acting.” | ODG/YouTube

As they continued to talk, however, Minseo couldn’t keep her tears in after realizing her idol didn’t just leave, but that she was sitting there with her.

“Oh no, she’s crying…” | ODG/YouTube

After stopping her tears, Minseo complimented IU’s beauty by sharing that she was more beautiful in real life.

“You’re so much prettier in real life than photos.” | ODG/YouTube

Oh Minseo, please don’t cry! We’re glad you were able to spend some time with your favorite artist and converse with her. You can watch the entire segment down below.