IU Goes Viral For Her Unexpected Dance Cover Of “Rover”

She never misses!

IU has just delivered her second dance challenge ever, and fans can’t get enough of it.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

There is no doubt that IU is one of the biggest K-Pop artists of her generation. With a career spanning over a decade, she has managed to become only more popular with each new album, drama, movie, or variety program she has taken up. On the one hand, she is a bestselling artist, and on the other, she is one of the most reputed actors in Korea as well.

IU is also an expert YouTuber, delivering a variety of entertaining content on her channel frequently.

So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she is something of an all-rounder. But if there is one thing fans wish she would indulge in more, it’s dancing. IU often jokes that she is not a good enough dancer, but the times she actually busted out her moves on camera or on a stage, she executed choreographies flawlessly.

| @dlwlrma/YouTube

Despite her obvious dancing skills, IU rarely participates in dance challenges like other idols. In fact, the first time she ever did one was only last year. She danced to KARA’s “When I Move,” taking the internet by storm. On Instagram, the video has raked up over 20 million views at the time of writing this article.

Though the response to her dance challenge was explosive, IU hasn’t followed it up with a new one yet. So, when she started dancing to EXO Kai’s latest hit, “Rover,” at a recent concert, fans were elated.

On September 23, IU held the day of her two-day fan concert series, I+UN1VER5E, in celebration of 15 years of her debut. The KSPO Dome was filled to the brim with fans who came together to celebrate this occasion with the singer. In return, IU prepared some surprises that they wouldn’t get to witness at a regular concert, including gifts, a one-on-one serenading session with the “Best Dressed UEANA” at the venue, and, of course, her dance performance.

Dressed in a yellow cropped hoodie and jeans, IU stepped on the stage and delivered a perfect dance cover to “Rover,” which was all the craze on social media earlier this year. According to some fans at the venue, the singer mentioned that she was the most nervous about this performance out of the entire setlist.

The performance immediately went viral on social media, with praises pouring in from netizens!

Hopefully, IU will take this as a sign to show more of her amazing dancing talent to fans in the future!