IU’s Unbreakable Optimism Shone Through While Rehearsing For “The Golden Hour” Despite The Torrential Rain

IU will brave the fiercest storms to give her fans the concert of a lifetime.

IU‘s The Golden Hour concert will go down in history as one of the most legendary concerts in K-Pop, but preparing for such a huge event wasn’t easy. On top of a jam-packed setlist, IU had to battle the most extreme changes in weather for her concert.

| 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube
The day before The Golden Hour was unnaturally hot, to the point where it felt like the peak of summer. Despite this, IU and her team gave their 200% for rehearsal, but a small wish for rain resulted in a disaster.

Though the forecast had predicted the rain, no one expected it to be heavy or last for so long.

Since it’s an outdoor stadium, rehearsal wasn’t able to resume as expected, but instead of being discouraged, IU tried to lighten up the atmosphere with a few jokes, even thinking of ways to incorporate the water into her performance.

In all seriousness, IU could only rehearse the most important songs instead of the planned run-through. Still, instead of panicking, IU encouraged everyone around her and reminded them to be careful of the wet stage.

She even went through with practicing “Strawberry Moon” in her hot air balloon to get used to the height, and though she was afraid, her bravery and hard work paid off as “Strawberry Moon” became one of the most memorable performances during The Golden Hour.

Unfortunately, the rain only began to pour down even harder, and despite IU’s optimism, she couldn’t help but be shaken as her rehearsal plans spiraled down the drain.

Still, IU’s constant encouragement and positive attitude helped her and her team finish the rehearsal despite all the setbacks. While they could mainly only check the sound, they didn’t let the downpour dampen their spirits, especially since the actual concert was the next day.

On the first day of The Golden Hour, the skies were crystal clear, though it was once again scorching hot. In the few hours they had before the show, IU and her team rehearsed all the choreography they couldn’t get through in the rain while making sure to conserve their energy for the actual stage.

Thanks to their passion, hard work, and IU’s unbreakable spirit, The Golden Hour was more than perfect, leaving everyone with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

And as if to make up for the torrential rain that hindered IU’s rehearsal, Mother Nature gifted IU with a golden orange sky for her concert.


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