IU Performed “Good Day” At Her Dancers’ Wedding, But Then This Happened

The video has become a hot topic!

Two of IU‘s back up dancers got married together, and IU decided to sing her hit “Good Day” as their congratulatory song!


IU got up on the alter and began performing her legendary hit with in full choreography!


But the bride and group just couldn’t help themselves as they instinctively jumped right into the performance and started dancing in their wedding gown and tux!


The video clip of which immediately went viral online! 


IU also posted her own congratulatory post on her personal Instagram account, proving her close relationship with the couple. 

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Fans also discovered that this is a regular tradition between IU and her dancers! Another one of her close dancers did the same thing a few years back! 


Off stage and on stage, IU and her dancers are always in sync with each other!


Congratulations to the newly wed and their special performance with IU!