IU Attended a Gucci Fashion Show Looking Even Lovelier Than Usual

IU looked absolutely luxurious at the Gucci show in Milan.

IU, who is unsurprisingly a Gucci ambassador, recently attended the Gucci 2020 fashion show that took place in Milan, Italy looking absolutely stunning.

IU posted a series of photos along with the caption, “Butterfly“, in which she can be seen wearing a see-through pink dress.

In addition to the gorgeous pink dress, IU also flaunted a very large butterfly necklace, which explains her caption.

And the photos prove IU to be an absolute goddess.

Not only did IU look like the definition of elegance, but she also showed off her signature style of just keeping it simple.

She even paired her outfit with the most perfect red bag, making it clear that she’s still a fashionista at heart.


After seeing IU look so dressed up when she’s normally seen in casual wear, fans are responding with comments such as “I can’t believe she look so natural in luxury“, and “That’s IU’s class right there“.

Check out some more photos of IU in Gucci below:

Source: Insight