IU Somehow Stuns In A Hoodie And Sweatpants While Casually Rocking A $2,350 Bag

She is a literal queen.
Singer IU has never failed us and she never will, especially when it comes to her fashion choices.
Singer IU | dlwlrma/Instagram
On March 30th, IU was photographed leaving for the recording of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook and while her outfit was the epitome of comfort, she managed to look stunning in it. Dressed head to toe in a matching light grey sweatsuit, the otherwise relaxed outfit looked breathtakingly effortless when worn by the “LILAC” singer.
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She matched the comfort level of the sweatsuit by wearing some cool chunky sneakers, adding a trendy flair to the outfit.
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What caught the eyes of netizens, however, was not just her beauty or her comfortable outfit, but the bag she paired the look with. The familiar logo and brown colored leather can only mean one thing and one thing only, Gucci.
IU has been Gucci’s Korea ambassador since early 2020 and she has been photographed rocking a variety of Gucci branded items. It seems that one of her most favorite items of all are handbags and it seems this case is no different.
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IU was captured with Gucci’s 1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag in these recent photographs. The bag’s structured silhouette paired with the brand’s classic canvas logo completed IU’s otherwise casual outfit. The bag is listed at a whopping $2,350 on Gucci’s website, proving IU’s top star status.
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As Korea’s Gucci ambassador, we think IU’s doing a pretty swell job of garnering positive attraction for the brand.
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In related news, IU dropped her highly anticipated 5th album titled, LILAC, which has achieved a perfect all-kill since its release.

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