IU’s New “Eight” Music Video Is Bringing Tears To Fans’ Eyes

“Eight” could be a letter to IU’s late friends, according to fans.

“There is no such thing as decided goodbyes / meet me in that memory that was once beautiful / forever young”

These moving lyrics are from IU‘s “Eight”, a new song produced by (and featuringBTS‘s Suga. This introspective track is written from the perspective of twenty-eight-year-old IU traveling through her memories.

Where the sun has set, as far as the sun sets
I travel in those memories

— “Eight” (English translation)

Both the song and its music video are open to interpretation, but many fans believe that “Eight” could be a letter to her late friends, SHINee‘s Jonghyun and Sulli. Jonghyun passed away in 2017 at age 27, and Sulli passed away in 2019 at age 25.

In the “Eight” music video, a lizard appears on the window of IU’s plane then later transforms into a dragon.

The dragon flies into the sky to catch a girl in white.

Together, they fly by IU’s plane as she looks tearfully out the window.

Some fans have theorized that the lizard/dragon could represent Jonghyun, who loved the Pokemon Charmander, while the girl in white could be Sulli.

As of now, IU has not addressed these theories, but it’s beautiful to think of these “forever young” friends flying on to new adventures together.

Watch the “Eight” music video here: