IU Just Announced A Sequel To Her 2011 Hit Song “YOU & I”

She surprised UAENA around the world with her reveal.

IU recently finished up her Incheon concert for her LOVE, POEM concert tour, and during the concert, she revealed a big spoiler for her upcoming album.

During the concert, she revealed that she worked on the sequel for “YOU & I”, titled “Outside the Time”, with the same producer as “YOU and I”, Lee Min Soo. IU wrote the lyrics for the sequel, while Kim Eana wrote the lyrics for “YOU & I” 8 years ago.

IU also mentioned that she started working on “Outside the Time” in 2018, while thinking of the date that appeared at the end of the “YOU & I” music video (December 31, 2019).

She finally revealed that Lee Hyun Woo, who was recently discharged from the military will be starring in the music video once again! Lee Hyun Woo was the male lead in the “YOU & I” music video.

IU’s new album LOVE, POEM will be released on November 18. Refresh yourself on IU’s 2011 mega-hit below!

Source: Insight