IU And KARA’s Nicole Get Emotional Talking About Their Longtime Friendship

They felt all the feels when seeing each other again.

On the latest episode of IU’s Palette, IU met with veteran girl group KARA who’s returned for their fifteenth anniversary. Because IU debuted a year after them, she’s had a close friendship with Nicole over the years. When the two talked about always supporting each other, they became emotional.

Nicole, IU, and Goo Hara as ‘Inkigayo’ MCs.

When Nicole talked about meeting IU for the first time in a while, they agreed it felt like nothing had changed because their true personalities remained the same. Nicole said that IU “never changed,” and IU confirmed the same for Nicole, “You too!

So when IU said that she felt the same warmth and comfort from seeing Nicole again, the latter was overcome with emotion.

As Nicole cried and wiped her tears, IU also became emotional.

The memories of hosting shows and performing with IU years ago hit Nicole all at once. Nicole lightened the mood by saying she’d cried because she “got older.

Even when IU talked about how sweet Nicole has always been, she became too emotional to finish. She said, “I’m almost about to cry because I saw her cry.

Because Nicole and IU have over ten years of memories together, especially when they were both young artists, it’s understandable why they’d shed a few tears about their unconditional support for one another.

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See the emotional reunion of the longtime friends.

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