Popular Idol Laments His Relationship Being Overshadowed By IU And Lee Jong Suk

“I saw in the comments that someone wrote that no one cared…”

Super Junior‘s Shindong spoke about his relationship being overshadowed by IU and Lee Jong Suk.

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On January 16, Shindong was a guest on SBS’s Dolsing Fourmen. On this day, Lee Sang Min introduced the Super Junior member as the protagonist of 2023’s first celebrity couple.

Lee Sang Min (right)

To this, Shindong revealed that he was in a relationship. The idol stated that his relationship was covered in an article on January 1, 2023, but another celebrity couple overshadowed it.

IU (left) and Lee Jong Suk (right)

Every year, there is a couple that is revealed on January 1. On December 31, 2022, IU and Lee Jong Suk were revealed to be dating. My dating article was published on the next day,  January 1.

— Shindong

Shindong then lamented the fact that nobody seemed to care about the fact that he was in a relationship.

I saw in the comments that someone wrote that no one cared. I shouldn’t have revealed my relationship on January 1.

— Shindong

Shindong also revealed that he often disguises his girlfriend as his stylist when they are out together.

I disguise my girlfriend. When I was younger, I’d pretend my girlfriend was a stylist. My girlfriend would always carry a large bag, and I wouldn’t hold anything. We’d have to walk with space between us, and because I wouldn’t hide her, people didn’t suspect anything.

— Shindong

Meanwhile you  can read more about Shindong’s relationship in the link below.

Super Junior’s Shindong Confirms He Is In A Relationship

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