Singer IU Revealed To Have Been The Target Of A Hate Website Recently – Company Addresses The Issue

This has been going on for awhile.

Singer IU has updated fans with an official statement through her company, EDAM Entertainment. According to the statement, the company had found out about a specific private online group that spread hate about IU, through tip-offs given by fans.

Fans had sent the news in to EDAM Entertainment through email, and the company was notified about an online cafe that consistently uploaded malicious posts about IU. The company revealed to fans that they have been monitoring the website carefully, as well as received the various PDFs and materials fans have been diligently providing.

The evidence has been forwarded to the investigators and prosecutors, via their legal team. It has been confirmed that the perpetrators have been slapped with lawsuits already. A portion of the perpetrators had been responsible for spreading falsehoods and humiliating content, while another portion focused on personal attacks and slander made against IU.

The company announced that all will be dealt with strictly, according to the law. A bulk of them will be slapped with fines and charges, without settlement.

EDAM Entertainment promises to do their best to protect IU in the future as well and will be dealing with it even more strictly in the future. On the other hand, IU is set to drop a pre-release for her single, “Celebrity”, on January 27, at 6pm KST

Source: Star today