IU Explains How She Makes Her Biggest Life Decisions And What She Thinks About Missed Opportunities

This is how IU lives her life.

On KBS‘s Chuseok Special, Tree Tree, IU opened up about how she makes her biggest life decisions and what she thinks about missed opportunities.

KBS “Tree Tree”

In the documentary, IU was walking the path of a forest in Jejudo when she revealed which way she usually takes when she’s faced with a forked road.

When I’m faced with a forked road, I tend to go right.

— IU


But when the producer asked IU how she makes life decisions, her answer method wasn’t so simple.

There are times when I’m wrong due to probability. But when I’m faced with decisions, I often just trust my instincts and go for what I think is right.

— IU

When making tough decisions, there are bound to be some regrets, but IU shared that she’s not the type.

I’ve never really had regrets about the choices I made. When I have to choose something, I just set my mind on one thing and proceed straight ahead with it.

— IU

KBS “Tree Tree”

But regarding the path that she didn’t take on her walk through the forest, IU did express some sadness and promised to come back as a result.

Regarding her close encounter with nature, IU expressed,

I realized that there must be many lyrics and songs I can write on trees.

— IU

Could this be a hint at her next album?

Only time will tell.

Source: Insight