IU Tests Negative For COVID-19 Following Her Attendance At Singer Lee Ji Hoon’s Wedding

Another guest singer contracted the virus the day after the wedding.

Singer IU recently worried fans after her attendance of singer Lee Ji Hoon‘s wedding. It was reported that she had gone to sing the congratulatory song for Lee Ji Hoon and his wife, Ayane. She soon received news that there had been a confirmed case for COVID-19 in attendance and went for testing. On November 11, 2021, it was reported by EDAM Entertainment that she had thankfully tested negative.

| @tonyhong1004/Instagram

According to EDAM Entertainment, IU had gone to the wedding on November 8, 2021. IU had sung the congratulatory song for the couple with her mask on, and had left the ceremony soon after the song. Hence, she did not cross paths with the confirmed case. However, as a preventative measure, she had gone to be tested along with her staff that had been with her. The result was that everyone received negative results in the PCR test.

Celebrity Hong Seok Chun uploaded a clip of her singing.

However, what shocked many was that Lim Chang Jung, who had also sung a congratulatory song for the couple, was confirmed the day after the wedding, to have contracted COVID-19. IU was indeed extremely lucky! Thankfully, none of her staff and herself had come into contact with Lim Chang Jung either.

IU and Lee Ji Hoon had originally met back 2013 during the drama, You Are The Best!

Source: Star Today