IU’s Next-Level Gift Giving — Over 100 People Received Chuseok Presents From The Singer

Her close peers have revealed stories of her kindness.

K-Pop’s dearest soloist, IU, is winning the internet once again with stories of her kindness and warm gestures toward her peers.

Iu | @dlwlrma/Instagram

On September 30, MC and comedian Park Myung Soo talked about the singer on his radio show, revealing that for this year’s Chuseok, she sent him pork ribs as a gift. It turns out he has been receiving holiday gifts from IU for eight years.

Park Myung Soo with IU in 2015 | MBC

Chuseok is the most important Korean festival, which people traditionally celebrate with their family members. Giving gifts to your close ones is one of the typical norms of this occasion. However, according to Park Myung Soo, IU sends presents to her industry peers as well. The number of people she sends out gifts to is apparently more than 100!

Park Myung Soo’s story is only one out of many that speak volumes of IU’s kindness. Previously, actor Seo Yi Sook had mentioned receiving holiday gifts from the singer, expressing her gratitude. In the caption, she mentioned that she has been sending her gifts on important occasions, including Chuseok and Lunar New Year. IU and Seo worked together in Hotel Del Luna in 2019.

IU Jieunah~ I’m so touched that you always think of me by sending gifts every Chuseok and Lunar New Year..I’ll be sure to eat this very very well~ always~~  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

—Seo Yi Sook, Instagram

Apart from her colleagues, IU is also known to send gifts to her industry seniors. Noh Sa Yeon, a veteran singer, revealed an extravagant gift from IU during her appearance on the JTBC variety program Please Take Care of My Refrigerator. The singer mentioned that IU had sent her royal jelly, an expensive by-product from honey bees that is known for its several health benefits.

The singer also takes good care of her juniors. In a recent YouTube video on W Korea’s channel, ITZY member Yeji revealed a bag that was gifted to her by IU when she attended her concert as a guest. The rest of the ITZY members also received bags from the singer that day. Yeji said that she cherishes the gift so much that she doesn’t carry it too much!

Along with her nickname of “donation fairy,” IU is well on her way to being crowned the “gifting fairy,” too!

Source: KOrea Daily