IU A North Korean Spy? Netizens Left Dumbfounded By Ridiculous Flyers Accusing The Singer

An anti-fan or an organized attack?

An extremist group in South Korea has bewildered the public after claiming that singer and actor IU is a North Korean spy.

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Recently, Korean internet communities have come across an absurd handout that claimed IU is a spy working for North Korea. The flyer also describes her as the protagonist of the Daejang-dong scandal of 2015, where Lee Jae Myung, the then mayor of the city, was accused of aiding a private business firm in exchange for personal monetary benefits.

The flyer aimed multiple baseless allegations against IU | ppomppu.co.kr

The flyer was allegedly distributed in the underground parking lot of a building, from where it made its way to the internet. It starts with a caption that says she was the main character in Daejang-dong. The rest of the content is just as malicious, if not more, claiming that the singer is a top spy from the North with political connections in the South Korean government. In another similar flyer, it was claimed that “South Korea will die if it doesn’t listen” to her.

The flyer was presumably distributed in an underground parking lot | ppomppu.co.kr
Another handout against IU | ppomppu.co.kr

There are also sections in the flyer containing the phrase “Sex Girl” and screengrabs from an old video of her getting hit by a plastic bottle during a concert in China.

| ppomppu.co.kr
| ppomppu.co.kr

The handout also claims that North Korea is conducting biochemical experimentation in South Korea to turn people into “fools.” 

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Netizens are left dumbfounded by this unwarranted and ridiculous hate spewed at the singer. Needless to say, nobody could take the accusations seriously.

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  • “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is even more hilarious because it’s written so seriously, but man, is it crude.”
  • “Those extreme right-wingers are not only hopeless but have no brains either.”
  • ” F*cking ridiculous.”
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  • “This is f*cking boring LOL.”
  • “This is some JMS level of ridiculousness.”
  • “Shouldn’t IU’s agency sue for defamation immediately?”

Though it is unclear where these handouts came from, most comments seem to agree that the source was some extreme right-wing group of people.

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