IU’s Brutally Honest Opinion About Her “Viral Aegyo” Moment From The 2022 Cannes Film Festival

“It’s a moment I’ve regretted a lot…”

There is no denying that whatever soloist IU does is completely iconic. Whether she is on stage or on the big screen, the idol has truly cemented herself as the “Queen of K-Pop,” meaning no matter what she does, netizens can’t stop praising everything she does.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Last month was no exception as the idol made her way to the iconic Cannes Film Festival to promote her newest film, Broker, with the rest of the cast. As expected, the idol looked beautiful throughout and definitely stood out on the first night for her dazzling visuals and outfit…

IU at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival | Dispatch

Along with her amazing fanservice, which showcased just how much she loves her fans.

IU’s fanservice at the event was praised 

Yet, one moment definitely stood out during the event, and it was during the show’s actual premiere. IU actually is known to be a certified “hater” of aegyo, although she is aegyo personified!

Well, during the premiere, IU seemed to embrace her role as an idol and when the camera panned on her at one point, she busted out an iconic aegyo heart for the world to see.

Unsurprisingly, it went viral almost overnight. Even weeks later, netizens can’t stop talking about the iconic moment. For them, they joked that even though she was at the festival as actress IU, she could never get rid of her idol persona.

In an interview, IU has recently revealed her thoughts on that moment. Although netizens seemed obsessed with it, it seems like the case couldn’t be said for IU, who had very different thoughts on the adorable moment. In particular, the idol revealed that it was something she regrets a lot, especially when watching it back.

It’s a moment I’ve regretted a lot. Even when I look back at it, I look like an idiot. It’s really hectic and a large camera zooms in on you. So I didn’t know what expression to have, it was a mistake.

— IU

IU getting ready for the event | @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU then explained that it was an instinctive action because of her idol training. Although she revealed she is embarrassed about the moment, even she realized how popular it was with fans and even mentioned the number of memes there are.

Because I am an idol, I was taught not to have a ‘blank take,’ so I attempted a heart. As soon as I did it, I remember being embarrassed. Of course, the fans have made many memes out of the moment.

— IU

Even though IU might not have been a fan of the moment, it will definitely go down in history as the idol became the main event at the festival. After that aegyo, it seems like IU might not be doing it again any time soon but netizens are glad she did it because it was truly iconic.

You can read more about the iconic moment below.

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