IU And Park Bo Gum Surprise Fans With Their Dramatic Transformation In The First Look Of New K-Drama

They aged backwards!

In 2023, it was announced that IU and Park Bo Gum were cast together for a new K-Drama When Life Gives You Tangerines. A year after, finally, fans have gotten a glimpse at what they can expect from the show!

IU and Park Bo Gum

The drama’s storyline is reportedly set in 1950s Jeju Island, and the leads will be playing the roles of high school students. In April 2023, a few unofficial pictures from the filming went viral on online communities, showing the high anticipation around the show.

However, recently, netizens have gotten their hands on a clearer picture of the two actors from the set of When Life Gives You Tangerines. The photo went viral on various community sites on February 7, KST, showing IU and Park Bo Gum in a youthful look. The two appeared to be wearing school uniforms, their faces matching the innocent beauty of adolescent school students.

Netizens were surprised by this dramatic transformation of both actors, given that they looked nothing like their mature. glamorous selves in real life.

| Instiz
  • “It seems like they put dark makeup on IU. She looks cute, like a baby potato.”
  • “Amazing! They look so cute, LOL.”
  • “The review left by the supporting actor is hilarious, LOL. They said they covered their entire body in charcoal, LOL.”
  • “Cute.”
  • “Cute, cute, cute!!”
  • “They are crazy cute TT”
  • “Cuuuuute.”
| Instiz
  • “These two in the same drama? I’m seriously excited.”
  • “Cute TT.”
  • “Oh God, TTTT. They’re so cute.”
  • “Wow, they look just like when they debuted.”
Source: Instiz