IU and Park Bo Gum’s K-Drama Filming Clashes With A Festival — And Tourists Are Not Happy

The production team responded to the situation.

While filming for Park Bo Gum and IU‘s upcoming K-Drama, there was a conflict with tourists who wanted to attend a festival that was happening at the same time.

On April 26, a netizen posted on an online community with the title “Drama Filming Nuisance At Gochang Barley Festival.” The poster claimed that they attended the Gochang Barley Field Festival to take photos of the canola flowers—but there was something in their way.

On the 19th, I went to the Gochang Barley Festival but they were filming something in the canola flower field. It was so far away that the naked eye couldn’t tell who was filming.

— Netizen

Gochang Barley Field | Gochang-gun

They then claimed when people tried to go into the canola flower field to take photos, a staff member stopped them.

When I walked around the canola flower field and took pictures, a staff member blocked me and said, ‘You can’t go in here because we are filming a drama.’ So I went another way and as soon as I raised my phone to take a picture that faced where they were filming, they yelled, ‘Don’t take pictures!’

— Netizen

The netizen expressed their anger and confusion at how they were not able to take pictures and fully enjoy the tourist attraction.

“20th Gochang Barley Field Festival” Poster | Gochang-gun

Although the poster didn’t clarify which K-Drama was filming, people guessed that it was You Have Done Well, and it was confirmed soon after.

According to Sports Today, the area where the festival and filming overlapped is private property, and the Gochang-gun Office which organized the festival, was not aware that there would be a K-Drama filming on the same day. On the other hand, the production team for You Have Done Well signed a contract with the owner of the site and proceeded with the filming as planned.

The owner of the site confirmed that the production team signed a contract.

It’s true that we signed a contract and I gave permission for them to film. The production company and tourists who visited were politely asked for their understanding, but the recipients of this request may have a different perspective on accepting it.

— Owner of the private property

| Gochang-gun

The production team apologized for the inconvenience.

We sincerely apologize to those who have been inconvenienced. We made efforts to minimize the inconvenience during the process of ensuring safe filming and preventing spoiler leaks, but we apologize again for not paying more attention to those who have taken their valuable time to visit the area.

— Production team for You Have Done Well

They also stated that they will make an effort to be more careful in the future when filming.

Meanwhile, photos of Park Bo Gum and IU filming for this drama went viral in an online community.

You Have Done Well is set to be released around 2025.

Source: Sports Today and Osen
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