IU’s Preferred Time And Place To Write Lyrics Is Not What You’d Expect

“In my case, it’s when I…”

IU is one of the greatest singer-songwriters in K-Pop history. What’s her secret? Does she have any tips that could help aspiring songwriters?

With that thought in mind, ELLE Korea asked IU in a recent interview about her creative process, specifically asking her to name the time of day she writes best.

Is there a specific time of day you write best?

— ELLE Korea

Without having to ponder long on her answer, IU revealed that she thinks of lyrics in—of all places—the bathroom! Whenever she showers, she’s able to come up with at least one line in a song.

In my case, it’s when I shower. If I go in to take a shower, I think I get at least one line of a verse.

— IU

People usually relax when they take a shower, but it’s the opposite for IU. Writing lyrics comes with the job, so she considers her bathing time as part of her work.

Like I’d be playing around all day, and as soon as it’s time to shower, that means its time to go to work. As I shower, I try one type of lyrics then another type of lyrics, and I’ll sing them.

— IU

Concluding her thoughts, IU recommended that fans try it out for themselves.

You know how you sing well when you shower? So try thinking of lyrics in the shower.

— IU

Will you give her suggestion a shot?

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Source: YouTube