IU’s Actions After To A Fan Falls While Waiting For The Idol At Incheon Airport Showcases Her True Personality

IU was firm but gentle with her reaction to the incident.

IU might be an angel when she sings and with her visuals, yet the name also perfectly suits the idol’s personality. No matter what she’s doing, IU always manages to showcase the best parts of herself and just how caring she is.

K-Pop soloist IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU recently made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week. As expected, the idol completely shined in her looks and stole the hearts of netizens.

IU at fashion week | @dlwlrma/Instagram

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On September 29 (KST), the idol arrived from her schedule through Incheon Airport and couldn’t stop greeting all the fans who had come to meet her.

Yet, an incident occurred that showcased IU’s personality. When she was walking toward her car, IU realized that a fan was in trouble.

As soon as the idol noticed that something had happened, she instantly broke free from her security and kept asking, “What’s wrong” while approaching the fan.

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Although IU was quick to help, many praised the idol for her actions. Rather than just helping the fan, IU seemed to showcase her concern and almost took on a stern tone when she started warning the girl about what she was doing.

Don’t walk backwards. Look forward when you’re walking. Look ahead. You need to walk forward. It’s dangerous.

— IU

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IU then made sure that the fan got up and was able to work comfortably before she carried on walking to her car.

| @IUarchiving/Twitter

When the video was released, netizens couldn’t stop praising how thoughtful IU was and the fact that she was reminding them of safety in crowded situations. Many also condemned the fans for crowding the idol. IU has shared that she gets worried when she sees fans get hurt waiting for her.

Yet, it wasn’t the only clip showing IU getting seemingly worried and raising her voice after seeing the huge crowds. As she left the airport, IU had to shout to tell the fans to calm down because it was getting dangerous.

When getting in the car, she also reminded fans to be careful because it might stop her being able to greet them in the future.

It isn’t the first time IU has warned fans about being careful. In 2019, a similar situation happened at Incheon Airport after coming back from her tour in Manila, Philippines. IU posted a stern warning to her fans.

If even one person falls over at the airport from now on, I won’t give you vacation cookies anymore.

– IU

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Although it might seem like tough love, IU is proving how much she cares for her fans by ensuring they stay safe.

Source: Newsen and IUArchiving

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