IU’s Reaction To Having SEVENTEEN As Neighbors At The “2022 Golden Disc Awards”

IU is nothing but hilariously honest!

Although K-Pop soloist IU debuted all the way in 2008 and is a certified legend in the industry, the idol also has a heart of gold and the ability to make any artists feel comfortable in her presence. In particular, she has showcased her friendly personality through her YouTube series IU’s Palette.

Recently, IU proved this again when she invited members of SEVENTEEN onto the show. Netizens couldn’t contain their excitement when they clicked on the video and saw the familiar faces of Woozi, Hoshi, DK, Seungkwan, and Dino.

Although IU pointed out that with guests, even if she didn’t know them, she had normally run into them during promotions, but this wasn’t the case for SEVENTEEN.

Yet, IU made netizens worldwide laugh as she revealed a memory she had with SEVENTEEN from the recent 2022 Golden Disc Awards. She shocked fans by revealing that during the event, her waiting room had been next to the group’s, and SEVENTEEN seemed aware of it.

At the time, IU joked that she didn’t know who was next door to her but that she was extremely curious for a hilarious reason… because the members were very loud.

I was wondering who was in the next room because… it was so noisy.

— IU

Even the members found it hilarious, with one of the members joking, “We talked too much.” Seungkwan then added that although IU seemed calm and was having fun mentioning the moment, she must’ve been annoyed at the time.

I’m sure she was stressed by us. I feel like she’s toned it down.

— Seungkwan

When DK asked if they were too loud, IU explained that she expected that it was a boy group but added that it felt like they were in a town market rather than backstage at an awards show.

However, it seems as if IU wasn’t alone when it came to thinking SEVENTEEN were being too loud. Seungkwan explained, “We had so many staffs, a lot of our green room neighbors complained that we were noisy.

IU cutely then raised her hand, saying, “I also filed a complaint,” before adding that she was obviously joking.

IU then went on to say that she wasn’t eavesdropping on the group as the walls weren’t soundproof. Once again, Seungkwan came back with a hilarious answer as he explained that the group thought the room next to them was empty, especially as IU was so quiet.

The idol explained that it was quiet because she was alone, but the members then asked her to spill on if she’d heard them say anything. While IU seemed reluctant to share, she did explain that it wasn’t really anything secretive.

There was nothing strange about it (Screaming or broadcasting). More like ‘Wow’ or ‘They’re doing this.’ I heard, ‘Hey, the red carpet began.’ Hearing that (SEVENTEEN says so) I’ll tell that to my staff (Megaphone is proud) I heard things like that I could feel you had great teamwork.

— IU

Of course, when the video was released, netizens couldn’t get over what they’d watched. Many CARATs joked that if IU thought they were noisy, then she should watch some of their reality shows.

IU has always been a firm supporter of SEVENTEEN. The show, including the title, cements that IU and the members are now certified besties. Considering how talented they are, we definitely need a collaboration ASAP!

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Source: IU Palette