IU Proves She’s A Total SEVENTEEN Fan

Fans were here for the cute moment.

IU wasn’t only seen making cute mistakes at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards. The popular singer and actress caused excitement when showing she was a fan of a particular group.


That group turned out to be SEVENTEEN, creating a behind-the-scenes moment that had Uaenas and Carats loving it.

SEVENTEEN Vocal Team | @pledis_17/Twitter

In a clip from IU TV, IU took time away from getting ready because she heard some good news. She said, “I heard that SEVENTEEN is performing their stage, so…

With SEVENTEEN singing their rock-inspired song “Rock with you”, IU couldn’t miss it. Smiling, she added, “I’m here to watch their performance.

IU was enjoying SEVENTEEN’s stage so much that she couldn’t resist dancing to the catchy song.

From making sure she didn’t miss their stage to jamming to their songs, IU is indeed a Carat. Watch her turn into a SEVENTEEN fangirl here.