IU Makes Same Adorable Mistake At An Awards Ceremony—As She Did 8 Years Ago

How can she be so darn lovable?!

The 36th Golden Disc Awards concluded back on January 8, 2022 and it was filled with gorgeous outfits, amazing performances, and well-deserved awards. Amongst all the glitz and the glam of the ceremony, however, was one very adorable “mistake” that was made—and it’s belatedly making headlines.

Poster for the “36th Golden Disc Awards” | JTBC

Solo artist IU was in attendance at the 36th Golden Disc Awards and she really proved her undying popularity with the nation as she took home not 1, not 2, but 3 different awards. The talented singer was crowned the victor for Song of the YearDigital Song Bonsang, and Album Bonsang.

IU with her 3 “36th Golden Disc Awards” trophies.

And while no one is surprised at IU’s success at the awards ceremony, it was an adorable on-stage mistake that was made that has captured the hearts of the nation. During one of her awards acceptances, the “Celebrity” singer went up on stage to receive her trophy as she usually does. Following the conclusion of her speech, IU shared farewells with the ceremony’s hosts…

…however, it became apparently clear that she had no idea what to do with herself after her speech was over! In a fan cam, IU can be seen looking confused as she looks around for further instructions.

But she eventually got the hint because just moments after, IU quietly walked off the stage.

Though the mistake is ever-so-adorable, it’s been revealed that this is not the first time that IU has done it! 8 years ago, the singer was featured as one of the musical artists at the 2014 Yeosu Music Festival. It was during one of the moments that IU was on stage that she made the same mistake as the one at the 36th Golden Disc Awards.

As the two hosts instructed IU to prepare for her next stage, the singer stepped back and stood there behind the music festival hosts, looking confused with her situation.

After noticing IU still on stage, one of the hosts directed their attention towards to the singer and politely directed the singer to the side of the stage. It was only then that IU confusingly took off!

Netizens who viewed this video couldn’t help but express their adoration for IU, as hundreds of comments filled the video with love for the singer’s cute little mistake.

| YouTube
  • “She’s received so many awards and she’s performed so many times, but I guess her struggle with directions will never change hahaha.”
  • “I love her confidence and that she doesn’t try to go anywhere, but she remains in her spot and awaits further instructions.”
  • “She gave such an amazing acceptance speech, but then she shows this goofy side of her!”
  • “Omg she’s so cute, it’s never changingㅜㅜㅜㅜ how can anyone hate someone like her!ㅜㅜㅜ.”
  • “Hahahahaha she got lost and she left her trophy behind, but she walks off with her sparkling eyes wide open as she looks around hahahaha she’s such a legend.”
IU forgetting her trophy.

IU may be a veteran singer, having been in the industry for almost 14 years now, but her cuteness factor will (hopefully) never change! You can watch the comparison video down below.

Source: WikiTree