IU Responds To Her Boyfriend Lee Jong Suk Going Viral For Wearing Her Merchandise

“I am a little at a loss for words…”

IU responded to Lee Jong Suk wearing her goods and merchandise.

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Recently, IU met with news outlets to talk about her upcoming movie Dream. The movie follows a crude footballer, a jaded producer, and a rag-tag group of players who achieve their dream.

According to the news outlet, IU responded to the massive attention her relationship with Lee Jong Suk has received. The two international stars acknowledged their relationship after a bombshell Dispatch article alleged the two were dating last December.

A lot of people have paid attention (to our relationship), and a lot of people have supported us, so I am a little at a loss for words. Because the best way to pay back (fans’ support) is to quietly have a healthy relationship, I want to have a quiet and healthy relationship.

— IU

IU was then asked about Lee Jong Suk, who recently went viral for being spotted wearing IU’s merchandise.

Actor Lee Jong Suk Is Gaining Attention For The Romantic Way Of Showing Love For His Girlfriend IU

To this, IU replied sheepishly, stating that she felt too much attention was being given to the incident.

They are goods given to people who attend my concerts, and he came to a concert. Although the goods aren’t anything special, I think the incident is receiving too much attention. I think there have also been candid photos, so I want to thank (fans) for their interest.

— IU

What are your thoughts? Check out IU’s upcoming movie Dream in the link below.

Source: herald pop