Actor Lee Jong Suk Is Gaining Attention For The Romantic Way Of Showing Love For His Girlfriend IU

It isn’t the first time Lee Jong Suk has been #boyfriendgoals!

Actor Lee Jong Suk has recently gained attention after showcasing his love for his girlfriend IU in the sweetest way possible.

Actor Lee Jong Suk | @jongsuk0206/Instagram
K-Pop soloist IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Each year, in the hours leading up to January 1, netizens anticipate the annual Dispatch couple reveals. This year, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when it was announced that K-Pop idol IU and actor Lee Jong Suk had been dating for four months. The outlet revealed photos showcasing the relationship.

Photos seemingly showcasing the relationship after it was revealed by Dispatch | Dispatch
The alleged couple items revealed by Dispatch | Dispatch

After the duo was confirmed to be dating, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when Lee Jong Suk was spotted wearing IU’s merchandise from her concert.

| @beyondcloset_official/Instagram
IU wearing the hat from her tour

Although the first example of Lee Jong Suk with IU merch came shortly after the rumors were confirmed, it seems like the actor is still showcasing his love for the idol in the cutest way.

On April 15, Lee Jong Suk arrived at Incheon Airport ahead of an overseas schedule. Of course, the actor greeted fans and the media, showcasing his visuals and charm.

Although it isn’t certain where the photo was taken, a fan caught a picture of the actor showing his phone to someone in a post that is gaining attention. Lee Jong Suk was wearing the same jacket, and although he was handsome, it was his phone that gained attention.

On the back of his phone, netizens noticed a bunny grip on the back of it.

Lee Jong Suk with his phone and the bunny grip | Instiz

In particular, netizens realized that it was actually part of IU’s 2023 merchandise that was released to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.

If that wasn’t enough, another eagle-eyed netizen seemed to find evidence that the two stars had “couple” rings. At the airport, Lee Jong Suk was seen wearing a silver ring.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, the netizen believed that both IU and Lee Jong Suk have matching Gucci rings but in different colors.

On TikTok, a clip about Lee Jong Suk repping IU’s merchandise gained attention.


Lee Jongsuk down bad for IU 😭. He’s so in love with her. #leejongsuk #iu #아이유 #leejieun #leeleecouple #fyp

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Netizens couldn’t stop gushing about the actor and his small actions. For many, they believed it was proof of how strong their relationship was.

While they aren’t always so public about their relationship, the two are seemingly showcasing their love for each other in the subtlest ways.

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Actor Lee Jong Suk Is Spotted Supporting His Girlfriend IU In The Most Unexpected Way

Source: Newsen and Instiz