IU Incorporates SEVENTEEN Hoshi And AKMU Chanhyuk’s Choreography For “Ah Puh” At Her “The Golden Hour” Concert

IU always keeps her promises.

During IU‘s “Ah Puh” performance on the first day of her “The Golden Hour” concert, fans couldn’t help but notice that she had kept her promise to AKMU‘s Chanhyuk and SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi by incorporating their choreography into the dance.

Last year, Chanhyuk suggested several moves for IU to do when she performed “Ah Puh” in her future concerts. As the producer of the song, IU promised to fulfill his wishes.

| 이지금 [IU Official] /YouTube
And while IU could barely hold back her laughter, she stuck to her promise and incorporated the hilarious yet cute dance moves into the official choreography.

Several months ago, SEVENTEEN guested on IU’s Palette, and when IU asked them to choreograph something for her to dance to in her songs, Hoshi suggested his own take on “Ah Puh.”

He had so much fun watching Chanhyuk’s version that he was inspired to make his own dance, making sure to keep some of Chanhyuk’s original choreography. While his dance was originally meant for a TikTok dance of “Ah Puh,” IU seamlessly blended it with Chanhyuk’s choreography for the concert.

IU was absolutely adorable during “Ah Puh,” and she couldn’t hold back her smile while dancing (neither could we).

There’s no doubt that Chanhyuk and Hoshi are ecstatic that she used their choreography, and her keeping this promise is just another reason on an already long list of why IU is so lovable.