“Please Don’t Be Jealous” — IU Shares The Behind Story Of Her Viral Kiss With Thai Actress Davika

“I’ve seen this in a Western drama…”

Elle Korea’s YouTube channel recently uploaded a video titled, “The Shocking(?) Kiss Issue of IU Explained (feat. Davika Hoorne),” where the singer herself appeared to share the story of her viral moment from a few months ago.

IU | @ellemagazinekr/YouTube

On May 16, the Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci held its Cruise 2023 show at the Gyeongbuk Palace in Seoul. The star-studded event had gathered many A-list celebrities from across the world, including IU, the fashion house’s global ambassador.

Thai actress and model Davika Hoorne also attended the event, and a rare interaction between her and IU took social media by storm. Davika posted a video with IU while wishing her a happy birthday and bringing her face closer to her for a friendly kiss. Surprisingly, IU reciprocated and placed a small peck on her cheek.

This moment between the two stars took fans aback since it was uncharacteristic of IU to be this open with physical affection toward almost anybody on camera, regardless of her dynamic with them off-camera. So, for months, they have been curious to know the story behind this unexpected kiss.

Davika Hoorne | @davikah/Instagram

In the video interview with Elle Korea, IU gave the full behind story. She mentioned that Davika was seated next to her at the show. IU said she is an “outgoing person” and an “It girl” who approached her first. “She approached me first and said, ‘You and I have the same birthday.’… So, we bonded through that. That day was my birthday.”

IU continued, recalling that they wished each other happy birthday when Davika leaned toward her slightly. “I was not sure if she was going for a kiss. It was so dark and so loud. I wasn’t sure what kind of gesture I should do at that moment.”

Though she was taken aback, IU said she remembered seeing moments like these in a Western drama and, after hesitating for a bit, planted a kiss on her cheek. “If you look at me here, for a good 0.1 second, my pupils were shaking,” she confessed. IU revealed that she was worried about offending her — “I could have been rude if I misunderstood her.

However, Davika responded cheerfully, and according to IU, the special moment led to an interesting bond with the actress. It was the first time IU had experienced something like this, but the situation’s outcome was a wholesome friendship!

IU wrapped up her story with a cute request to fans, “Please don’t be jealous!”