IU Reveals Just How Popular SHINee Was Among Fellow Idols When They First Debuted

“You guys were special.”

SHINee featured on IU’s Palette to promote their comeback song “Don’t Call Me.” They talked about various topics in the interview including their first impressions of one another.

| @shinee/Instagram

The two artists had only four months between them in terms of the day they officially became active in the industry. SHINEE debuted in May 2008 with “Replay” while IU debuted in September with “Lost Child.”

IU revealed to her viewers that SHINee was not just popular among fans, but fellow singers as well! In fact, they’d even gather around together to watch their rehearsal stages.

To tell you how it was at the time, SHINee would do a dry run and all the other singers would come and watch.

— IU

She explained how unique the boy group was when they debuted thanks to their combination of live vocals and strong dancing.

At the time, it was so shocking to see a new group singing live and do group dances at the same time. So I, too, watched when you were doing a dry run.

— IU

Everyone was interested in them!

Those who debuted earlier came and watched. You guys were special.

— IU

Because of that, IU viewed them as seniors she should look up to: “Back then, you were already SHINee. I was still a newbie.”

Key (left) and IU (right) | SSUN & TV-People/YouTube

Years later, SHINee and IU are among the biggest K-Pop stars ever!

Check out the full video below!