SHINee’s Heartbreaking Cover Of IU’s “Dear Name” Leaves SHINee Fans In Deep Longing

“How I wish I could hear Jonghyun sing this with them…”

In the 5th episode of IU‘s ongoing YouTube series, IU’s Palette, SHINee blessed the viewers with a live cover of one of her songs, “Dear Name.”

SHINee with IU (center). | @SHINee/Twitter

When “Dear Name” came out as part of IU’s 2017 album Palette, K-Pop fans fell in love with the poetic lyrics — which IU once explained as, “A song meant to be a condolence.

The voice I long for in my dreams…won’t answer even when I call for it. All that returns is a ringing echo and I listen to the sound by myself. No matter how splitting cold it gets, I’m not going to let go this time…those two hands that slipped so far away from me that day.

I know about your wish that dissolved into the endlessly long pitch black night. I will wait for you as long as it takes, I will find you. Let us go where the dawn breaks, no matter how far — even if it’s so far we can’t see it from here.

— “Dear Name” Lyrics

Naturally, while none of the members actually mention Jonghyun, SHINee’s fans immediately responded to the group’s heartbreakingly warm cover of “Dear Name” with a deep longing for the late member. Not only SHINee fans, but also K-Pop fans at large are showering the group with supportive words — following the emotional performance.

| theqoo
  • “I love you, SHINee. I miss you, Jonghyun.”
  • “I’m crying… This was beautiful but I can’t bring myself to listen again. I’m only going to cry even more. I miss Jonghyun so much.”
  • “I love SHINee.”
  • “I really miss Jonghyun.”
  • “SHINee, we love you.”
  • “How I wish I could hear Jonghyun sing this with them… I can almost hear him, see him there. Just once, please… I miss you, Jonghyun. Miss you so dearly…”

Meanwhile, IU too had only praise to share — especially about member Onew‘s voice. She said “[his] voice is most ideal” and that it “resonates” with her. With IU revealing to have been a huge SHINee fan for years…

…SHINee fans wholeheartedly look forward to a potential IU x SHINee collaboration!

Listen to SHINee’s “Dear Name” here.

Source: theqoo and NamuWiki