Photos From IU’s Singapore Trip Will Make You Fall In Love With Her For Multiple Reasons

It’s impossible not to love her.

IU recently shared some pictures of her trip to Singapore and it has been making fans fall in love with her all over again for multiple reasons.


In the first photo, IU was holding a corndog in one hand and a drink in the other with a silly, cute expression that only IU could pull off. It’s also worth noting that IU has the power to make a simple oversized t-shirt and sweatpants look stylish!

  • “So cute lol IU looks good even in really comfortable clothing”


In another photo, IU sat in front of an aquarium wearing a headband with ears of some kind and a matching hat on her side, posing for the camera with a “V”.

  • “So cute lol IU is the best”


And while IU is simply too adorable, she also showed off stunning visuals in a selfie taken at what looks like a restaurant.

  • “Brightly shining visuals wherever she is in the world”
  • “The most beautiful on this earth”


And that’s not all! IU got a little silly in a photo in front of the famous Marina Bay Sands and pretended to eat the enormous ship. Fans were impressed by her creativity and charmed by her sense of humor.

  • “I never thought of doing that in front of the Marina Bay Sands lol”
  • “Her eating the boat is so funny lol”


In fact, she even got her grandmother to do the silly pose. Speaking of, fans were also touched by the fact that IU had taken her grandmother on a beautiful trip to Singapore.


How can you not love her?

Source: Newsen