IU Makes Devastating Claim That Giving Up On Sleep Is The Best Way To Deal With Insomnia

She still suffers from insomnia to this day.

IU recently appeared on JTBC‘s Famous Singer where she shared the hidden meaning behind her song, “Knees”.

She introduced the 2015 song as one of the most honest songs that she wrote without getting into character or worrying about her pitch.

But many were surprised to find out that the song is actually about her insomnia.

One day, I wondered why I couldn’t sleep and tried to think of when I could fall asleep the most naturally. That’s when I realized that I slept best when I laid my head on my grandmother’s lap and she stroked my hair.

— IU

She also added that she gets extra emotional when she sings the song on stage.

I always get so into it that I sing it with my eyes closed.

— IU

And when asked about the current state of her insomnia, IU revealed that she still has trouble sleeping.

There are times when I can sleep and times when I can’t sleep at all.

— IU

But according to IU, she has found a method to deal with her insomnia.

It’s best to just give up on sleep. If you obsess over why you can’t sleep, you’re bound to be miserable. So I just think, ‘Wow, I have so much time now. I’d better work.’

— IU

Although it’s not a method that allows IU to get proper sleep, IU chose to keep a certain mindset that keeps her optimistic.

Check out the full confession below:

Source: Insight