STAYC’s Sieun Bursts Into Tears While Meeting Her Idol, IU

Her fangirl dreams came true.

IU has millions of fans, and some of those fans are idols themselves!


STAYC‘s members aren’t shy about expressing their admiration for this talented, kind-hearted star. Sieun, in particular, is a diehard UAENA. She has covered IU’s songs, raved about her in interviews, and she owns her fair share of IU merchandise.

Once, Sieun even “met” IU in a dream!

IU did come out in my dream. She did, and she ate with me and my friends. Maybe it’s because I met her in a dream, but that day, I felt even closer to her that entire day.

— Sieun

Now, Sieun’s dream has become reality! At the 2021 Melon Music Awards, STAYC paid a surprise visit to IU in her waiting room…

…and Sieun immediately burst into tears!

That’s not the reaction IU expected! “Oh gosh, don’t cry,” IU said while bringing Sieun a tissue. “Why are you crying? Oh, dear. Oh, dear…” 

After saying hello, IU sweetly sent her fangirls off to finish their work, get their makeup done, and rest. She also brightened their day by complimenting their music and their choreography.

Afterward, IU revealed that she had known about Sieun’s admiration for her prior to meeting her.

Don’t tell poor Sieun though. She might start crying again!