STAYC’s Sieun Sends An Adorable Message To Her Idol IU, Proving She Is Definitely A True Fangirl

STAYC x IU collaboration, please!

When it comes to girl power and female idols that are legends in the industry, IU always comes to mind. Not only has she been in the business for what seems like forever, but she has a voice of an angel, and everyone she’s met has not had enough praise for her manners and charms.

IU | @dlwlrma/ Instagram

Another set of female idols who are gaining a lot of attention is the rookie girl group STAYC! Since debuting, they have won fans’ love worldwide for their cute concepts, amazing talent, and charming personalities, similar to IU! In a recent interview, it seems as if one member particularly has a massive love for IU!

All of the members recently appeared on 1theK‘s YouTube channel series IDDP, where they sat down and searched their names online to see what results would come up.

After learning that leader Sumin actually featured in a commercial with BTS, it was time to learn some more about Sieun! Like the other members, fans learned more about basic details such as her birthday, height, and what she likes to wear.

In particular, during her part, they mentioned that Sieun is actually a huge UAENA, which is the IU fandom!

Sumin recalled that once IU actually appeared in Sieun’s dream, and just how excited she was that entire day after waking up! All of the other members seemed to remember it as well, and it seems like the sweetest thing ever.

Although she wasn’t sure if she could say it, Sieun then revealed what her dream was about, and there is no denying that any IU fan would be happy if they had one like that.

IU did come out in my dream. She did, and she ate with me and my friends. Maybe it’s because I met her in a dream, but that day, I felt even closer to her that entire day.

 — Sieun

If that wasn’t cute enough, the producers then asked her to send a video message to IU, and it was clear to see Sieun was both excited and nervous about sending a message. Yet, as expected, she managed to send one, and it really proves she is a true IU fangirl, especially after her face started blushing!

IU, I’m a hardcore UAENA! I love you!

— Sieun

Yet, it isn’t the first time Sieun has showcased her inner IU fangirl! Not only has she sang covers of a number of IU songs, but she has also spoken about her during several interviews, celebrated her birthday, and was even spotted having IU merchandise!

With so much love for IU, there is no denying that fans would love to see a collaboration between IU and the group! It also shows that, despite being in K-Pop, even idols have fangirl moments. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 1theK