IU Still Treasures This Valentine Flower She Received From An Idol Group Member

She accepted the token of love and still holds onto it dearly.

Even after five months, IU is still holding on to a Valentine’s Day gift she received from one of her biggest fans.


When IU went up to accept one of her many awards at the Gaon Chart awards on February 14th earlier this year, Nayeon shyly stepped in to hand her a sunflower.


It was a rare moment of success for Nayeon, whose fangirl hopes had been dashed a month earlier by fellow member Dahyun.

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But not only did IU accept the flower, she also posted a photo posing with the flower as well!


3 months later, fans spotted the flower still clipped to the front of IU’s car.


And with the flower STILL attached right at her seat, fans are convinced IU truly cherishes her Valentine’s Day flower from one of her biggest idol fangirls.


And fans agree – Nayeon’s definitely winning the celebrity Uaena race!