IU’s Stunning Live Vocals Have Fans Emotional At “The Golden Hour” Concert After She Reveals She Has A Hearing Disorder

“She’s so strong.”

IU recently held her concert The Golden Hour at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, and it was already proven to be a truly legendary experience-made even more so by the fact that IU revealed she suffers from a hearing condition, yet still blew everyone away with her vocals!

IU at “The Golden Hour”

To begin with, there was not one outfit she wore that wasn’t absolutely stunning. From bright floral looks…

…to dark dresses that made her look like the queen she is, IU impressed in everything.

The Golden Hour was attended by so many celebrities that if there was ever any doubt about IU’s icon status in the industry, there certainly isn’t any now. The long list of her celebrity stans included BTS‘s Jungkook (who attended twice) and J-Hope, TXT‘s Soobin and Beomgyu, TWICE‘s NayeonJihyo and Jeongyeon, and members of THE BOYZ, just to name a few. And of course, one can’t forget her former co-star Lee Joon Gi, with whom she had the most heartwarming reunion!

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IU delivered a truly memorable show…

…and her vocals were easily one of the highlights.

In fact, people who happened to nearby the stadium managed to capture how she sounded, and it made fans everywhere else jealous!

While Uaeneas have always been proud of IU’s flawless vocals, her reveal that she has a hearing condition has made everyone even more appreciative of her talent. During the concert, she admitted to fans that she was nervous about performing because she had a problem with her ear.

According to a documentary for The Golden Hour, IU was diagnosed with Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, which she has been struggling with for about a year.

Despite this, IU’s singing shined, leaving all Uaenas emotional.

IU’s singing will always be incomparable…

…and it will always be a comfort to fans everywhere!

Read further about IU’s hearing disorder right here.

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