IU Stuns Us All In Latest Marie Claire Pictorial

Nobody is surprised that she looks absolutely flawless.

Time and time again, the sensational IU wows us with her incredible music and mesmerizing vocal performances, and she is dearly beloved by the Korean general public and international K-Pop fans alike.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

It goes without saying that she’s also a total beauty! In the preview of her upcoming pictorial with Marie Claire for their March 2022 issue, she seems determined to show off just how gorgeous she really is.

Purple is a color that’s always looked great on her, and she shines while surrounded by this purple foliage. Her somber expression in this picture is totally mesmerizing, and her all-black ensemble makes her stand out behind the colorful plants.

A funky plaid suit isn’t easy to pull off, but she does so effortlessly, balancing the bold patterns out with a pair of unassuming white sneakers. Even the fan she holds is striking, and she matches all that energy with a coy wink.

Up close, you can really take in her beautiful features. The contrast with this bright orange flower only further highlights her soft beauty, and we just can’t take our eyes off her.

Even in this brown dress that melts into the warm-toned background, she still pops out and grabs all our attention. The elegance with which she poses in this garment makes it obvious why she’s the nation’s sweetheart.

IU truly shines at everything she does, and we just can’t get enough of her! We can’t wait to see what else she’ll get up to this year.

Source: Reddit