IU And Sung Si Kyung Leave Each Other Compliments Following Success Of Their Duet Single

They shared words of mutual appreciation.

IU and Sung Si Kyung had nothing but kind words for each other!

The two artists recently collaborated on their latest single, “First Winter”, which achieved the no. 1 spot on many major Korean music sites.


On December 9, the same day their single was released, IU took to her Instagram to share her thoughts on the collaboration, and to express her gratitude to Sung Si Kyung, with whom she’s collaborating with after almost 10 years.


It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve sang a song with Sung Si Kyung after “It’s You.” I have always been a fan and was happy to participate because it was a song by Lee Kyu Ho. I just went with whatever they said and only made one suggestion about creating a Christmas song! I did good, right?

Let’s take good care of our voices and sing together again in 10 years.



Sung Si Kyung also uploaded his own post on Instagram that night, with a screenshot of “First Winter” at the no. 1 spot atop music charts such as Melon, Genie, Bugs and Naver. Saying that although he’s embarrassed, he wanted to post about the song as a thank you to fans who listened to the song. He also adorably made promises for a live broadcast, even though he clarified that he doesn’t really know what it is.


Even though I’m embarrassed, I guess I wanted to post it here one time. This can only happen because you guys listen to it so this is not a bragging post. Let’s just have fun together haha. I’m done practicing. I’ve stopped drinking alcohol for 6 days straight and I don’t plan to drink until I finish our performances.

I’m not sure what a live broadcast is but I thought I would give it a try. I am aiming for Wednesday at 8 PM KST for about an hour. I guess learning is kind of like stealing.

I’ll just take comments and questions like I do for radio. Please leave any stories or questions in the comment section of this post.

—Sung Si Kyung


IU and Sung Si Kyung previously collaborated on their 2010 track, “It’s You”. Sung Si Kyung embarked on his first U.S. tour this August, while IU has been on her Love Poem tour, and recently release her latest album, Love Poem.


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